The Multiverse Connection

The Multiverse Connection

For soul seekers wanting some quantum mysticism, action, and adventure.

The Story centers around the character Elias Balaskas, a graduate student who becomes a graduate of Stanford. Elias works with Ph.D. Jerry Russelford in Jerry’s lab. He conducts experiments with a Brain Wave Consciousness Device that Jerry, Elias, and their team invented. Elias has a special gift, and Jerry is driven to create tools to manipulate consciousness as the vehicle to travel into inner space and document the dimensions of the multiverse.

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

Elias, Jerry, and other lab assistants discover a parallel universe that allows Elias to navigate in time, going back in the past. The department of defense becomes involved in Jerry’s lab as the parallel universe time travel research findings raise this to a high threat level of national security interests.

Elias’s mind consciousness evolves through repeated trips into the multiverse, and he becomes the key to how consciousness and the multiverse are linked. Through Quantum Physics, and how the smallest, micro, which is made up of energy and information, creates the larger, the macro. Elias believes that he can transmigrate to the multiverse using his faculties. He has one big unanswered question, and he seeks out a Sensei in the multiverse to guide him.

While Elias is trying to learn and figure out the nature of reality and where science and spiritualism meet, the Russians are on the hunt to steal this information and stop this unfolding of purpose through all available means.

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Chapter 2, How it Began

Adrian is in a chapel in Las Vegas five weeks later, sliding a ring on Heidi's finger. The marriage minister says, "I now pronounce you man and wife; you may kiss the bride."

"And that is how I came into this world by the simple question, what is consciousness? Simple is greatly understating the importance of understanding consciousness. It has been asked by almost all sentient beings across the multiverse."

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Chapter 5, Lab Experiments

Elias smiles, and Byron turns on his device. Without blinking an eye, Elias is out of his body. He looks over at his body sitting in the chair-eyes are shut, good. He walks around the room. He is like a ghost aberration in consciousness. He can walk through solid matter like tables, chairs, and his friends.

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Chapter 12, The New Multiverse-naut

"Jerry, I'm too analytical, too objective, and I believe we need someone more subjective. I believe the person must be more intuitive, feeling out the situation or vibe. A person who could change and flip with a magnetic poll change if the situation required that in a split-second subjective viewpoint."

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Chapter 17, The Mountain Top

Elias, in his mind, is sitting on a mountain top. He has made his decision to go forward and not fear the unknown. He starts at 8 Hz frequency, brings up the Om (A-U-M) chant to 432 Hz, and holds. He feels like a radio antenna transmitting from one station with one frequency out to the Milky Way universe.

Book Chapters:

Chapter 1, Words Are Important
Chapter 2, How it Began
Chapter 3, The Party
Chapter 4, The Aftermath
Chapter 5, Lab Experiments
Chapter 6, The Apparatus
Chapter 7, The Department of Defense Connection
Chapter 8, The Lab Meeting
Chapter 9, The First Lab Experiment
Chapter 10, Charting the Unknown
Chapter 11, Deep Dive
Chapter 12, The New Multiverse-naut
Chapter 13, The Brainstorm
Chapter 14, Danger
Chapter 15, Counterintelligence
Chapter 16, Elias Goes Alone
Chapter 17, The Mountain Top
Chapter 18, Alarm Bells

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