My Metaphoric Life

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

My Metaphoric Life

This is Jeff Layton's fourth book.

An Autobiographical Narrative

I see things in ceremonies, sweat lodges, and extreme fatigue, not in our everyday reality. I drown but don't die. I'm naked and afraid in the Sierra Mountains. I almost get eaten by a Great White Shark. Head-on car accident, sail in the perfect, terrifying storm, fight to save my leg from being cut off. After my tales are told, I reflect upon my philosophical views of what this meant to me and share my metaphorical interpretation with you.

"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought this book. It looked interesting. It is a good read. I enjoyed the adventures, and I recommend reading this book."
-Robert Liverton

Some blurbs:

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Memory 1-Journey to the Light, Ceremony

The beating of drums and the shaman chanting inclinations led me inward. The rhythm, the breath, the guiding presence of spirit. A power came into me; I was being pulled upward. My legs and arms lifted skyward. It felt like a giant magnet was pulling my non-metallic flesh body toward it.

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Memory 7 - Maui, Whales, and Dolphins

The surface exploded wind side in front of me. A huge sixty-foot Humpback male breached all the way out of the water in front of me. It was so close I could easily see all the barnacles on it. When it landed, a huge splash almost knocked me off my board.

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Memory 7 - Maui, Whales, and Dolphins

I sent the dolphin a thought, "I mean no harm; I'm just trying to swim like a dolphin and appreciate." The dolphin went up to the surface, got a good deep breath, swam directly under me, and blew a giant bubble by releasing air from his blowhole that became hundreds of smaller bubbles flowing all over me. I could feel the bubbles breaking gently on my skin. I thought, thank you, not sure what happened, and the dolphin swam away. A dolphin expert later told me that the dolphin gave me a gift.
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Memory 9 - Perfect Storm

The swell height continues to rise. The ship digs into the swell, breaks free as the front of the ship's bow rises, and continues riding upward until half of the 378-foot-long ship's hull is out of the water before crashing down in surrender to gravity. The ship's hull is making loud creaking noise from the torque and bending of the ship out of the water. It is not safe to even walk in the interior passageways.

Book Chapters:

I am a Metaphor
Memory 1—Journey to the Light, Ceremony
Memory 2 - Sweat Lodge
Memory 3 – Drowning
Memory 4 - Heat Exhaustion and Visions
Memory 5 – Art
Memory 6 – The Sierra Nevada, Naked and Afraid
Memory 7 - Maui, Whales, and Dolphins
Memory 8 - Great White Shark, Car Accident
Memory 9 – Perfect Storm
Memory 10 – Save My Leg

Pages: 146

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