A Metaphor of Life – Rose Red Roses

Suppose you like to read about reincarnation in a mystical narrative. In that case, you'll find it flowing into visual metaphors about four artists and their relationships with art, the world, the divine, and loved ones.

A highly visual historical fiction story turning into magical realism-a novel about post-Impressionist painters Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Paul Gauguin.

Vincent van Gogh's life and soul are intertwined with the fictional character Vance Vincente, and later Jacob Anderson, and Maria Clara Guttenberg. The story depicts their lives and shifts from the physical to the metaphysical. Reincarnation becomes the theme.

The novel is written using three narratives. One is a visual setting of the stage, like a film. Two is a narrative directly describing events and things unknown in the story. Three is the character story.

A highly inventive story that uses metaphysical thoughts to discuss thoughts about life, death, and the divine.

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

The novel is written using three narratives. One is a visual setting of the stage like a film. Two is a narrative describing events and things not known in the story directly. Three is the character story.

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Chapter 11 - Van Gogh Goes Home

Van Gogh's paintings flash across the screen. A biography of his life's work. One image gets stuck in the slideshow, "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear." The painting's brushstrokes are controlled, and the luminous green background encases Vincent's bandaged face creating tension in an unworldly atmosphere. The slide gets stuck, blinking in and out of focus, then burns from the center out under the slide projector's hot bulb.
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Chapter Four - Vance and Sarah, Past and Present

Vance looks with a physical hunger at Sarah. He was thinking about when he met her three years ago. He was instantly interested and amazed when she reciprocated his advance. He didn't have the best luck with women. He was too quirky and ended the small talk, usually by saying something weird. Two things in life held the most meaning to him, this woman to love and art.
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Chapter 12 - Vance Goes Home

Vance walks out into a tall golden wheatfield to paint. He's not sure why; he feels like a follower of metaphoric karma. His mind is open, with no thoughts. He is in a mindful meditative trance. He awakens from a quiet mind to a narrating idea, unsure of the why, where, or what it means. He is also not sure of the author's voice; is it his, is it Van Gogh's or is it a voice rumbling through eternity like an echo in an unknown dimension that his mind just entered?
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Chapter 8, The Jacob Mind

A brain is floating in space and time. The mind inside the brain is seen in a dream's sequential firing of neurotransmitters, lightning bolts of consciousness through the spectrum of colors equal to the emotional equivalent of its energy. The screen flashes colorful bolts of electrical currents. We are the mind. Physical senses are engaged from non-physical to material. We are smelling and feeling in this mind experience even though we have no physical form. We are taken back in time to the beginning of this planet for no reason other than to understand the power of the higher conscious mind.

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