In chapter three-Journey to the Light. This could be interpreted as fiction, but it isn't. My reality and experience are subjective, as all experiences are. Chapter three is a teaser of non-fiction that reads like fiction for what will come later in chapter seven.

The last ten thousand words grab your attention and imagination-you can't put down the book. The first six chapters are informative self-help written from the practical to the spiritual, with the occasional theatre of the mind metaphorical breaks. You will never see the number seven the same again.

This is Jeff Layton's seventh book.

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

A Hybrid fiction novel pairing nonfiction with fiction. The first six chapters are narrative nonfiction, self-help built around seven. In Chapter Seven, something unexpected happens with half of the book remaining; nonfiction becomes fiction, or does it?

Pairing fiction with nonfiction is a great way to engage readers. That was my intention. So, this novel, or better-stated novella, does that. The first six chapters are non-fiction, self-help, and narrative discovery into the number seven and how much it has become part of our conscious life. The last nine-thousand-word chapter with seven subheadings is fiction, or is it? You'll meet Seven. A mental construct being who materializes as a shaman-type teacher and has a long conversation with the first-person point of view active voice. This voice could be the author or you, the reader.

Pages: 176

Reading is the theater of our minds. The curtain is opening.

Book Chapters:

*Chapter 1 - Seven
*Chapter 2 - Points of C
*Chapter 3 - Journey to the Light
*Chapter 4 - Language
*Chapter 5 - Principles
*Chapter 6 - Seven Things
*Chapter 7 - Seven

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