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I have experienced lots of things in my life. To stay relevant to writing after I completed my four-year commitment in the military. I went to college on the GI bill. I started studying liberal arts with a focus on becoming a writer. I enjoyed my English and literature classes. I changed course after about a year, realizing I might want to earn a living financially with my degree. I focused on horticulture, my second interest, and finished with a degree in Landscape Horticulture.

As years went on after my bachelor's, I would enroll in community college and audit creative writing classes. I enjoyed this. In doing so, I also fell in love with visual arts-painting and went on to have ten professional one-person shows in art galleries and gain recognition in that endeavor.

My activities of interest: Hiked most of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, raced my bicycle across the United States, fell in love with windsurfing, and opened a sports shop-from there, living fives years in Maui, Hawaii, where I taught windsurfing, and then to go on to Kiteboarding. I am a fly fisherman and have owned a fly shop. I have created many videos of my fishing endeavors in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia…and the list continues.

I have had some spiritual experiences along the way. Some garnered through near-death in big surf, car accident, and spiritual journey deep into British Columbia wilderness. I have participated in Native American ceremonial smokehouse sessions, where I physically experienced paranormal phenomena, ghostly shadows forms moving above my head. On another journey into the wilderness, I engaged in a practice-going to the light meditation, that was so powerful I still reflect upon it today. So, I have returned to writing and will paint with words through metaphors, experiences, and thoughts of the big C-consciousness.

I enjoy painting and writing. Now that I am focused on writing, I can compare the two. There is considerably more time invested into book writing than painting, and the public acknowledgment is very immediate with visual art; people either like it or don't. Some in the middle will grow to lean one way or another. The critique acknowledgment in a book can be painfully slow for the writer. The critic needs to invest a good deal of time into the process of reading the book. It becomes a religion of its own in that the writer must keep faith with no evidence to support that belief for a great deal of time.


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