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I have experienced many things in my life. After completing my four-year military commitment. I went to college on the GI Bill. I studied writing, painting, and Horticulture.

Having been at Sea for three years, I read a lot, which led to writing. I fell in love with writing metaphors as they entertained my visual brain. The time metaphor fascinates me, and the writing of metaphors is ever present in my writing. One of my favorite authors was Gabriel García Márquez, where I was introduced to Magical Realism.

While experimenting with writing, I realized I was trying to combine the narrative with the visual. In doing so, I started taking graphic art classes, painting, drawing, and design. I fell in love with visual arts painting, had ten professional one-person shows in art galleries, and won several awards in art showing competitions and writing.

I have had spiritual experiences in my life. Some garnered in stormy seas, near-death drowning in big surf, a head-on car accident, and a spiritual journey deep into the British Columbia wilderness. I have participated in Native American ceremonial smokehouse sessions, where I physically experienced paranormal phenomena, ghostly shadow forms moving above my head. On another journey into the wilderness, I engaged in a "going to the light" practice. A near-death meditation that was so powerful that I still reflect upon it today. Through metaphors, experiences, and thoughts of the big C-consciousness, I paint with words.


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