Possibilities, Short Story Book

This is Jeff Layton's ninth book.

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

Ten short stories written in the Magical Realism style and observations of the nature of relationships in the physical and metaphysical.

From a Magical Forest, Song of Trees, The Reborn, Where the Acorn Falls, Possibilities, and five more stories that dig into consciousness and the mystery of being. All are unique and thought-provoking. No A.I. can think up this stuff. Only a living and experiencing human writer can.

You are about to become involved in a relationship with imaginary people, places, and things that have always or never existed. Isn't that what you are looking to read? One thing can be everything, and everything can become one thing. Welcome to the theater of your mind.

Pages: 199

Reading is the theater of our minds. The curtain is opening.

Five Star Reviews:

"Possibilities is a collection of stories and musings by Jeff Layton. It has themes of life, death, and the afterlife. The characters have lucid dreams and subconscious experiences that transform their lives and open their minds to new possibilities. Join a hiker who finds a magical place in a forest, a dreamer who discovers his destiny, or a couple that reunites after reincarnating. Meditate with trees and learn about the effects of climate change and the importance of water and nature preservation. The musings are short, thought-provoking ideas that are introductions to the stories. They cover topics such as finding yourself, the universe, art, and many more. Get a copy of this book to enjoy an enlightening work of art."

"Possibilities is an eye-opening anthology that will take you on journeys through space and time and let you experience many people's lives. It also raises awareness about environmental protection and will help readers contemplate the meaning of life and why we exist. Jeff Layton gives philosophical discussions about life, nature, religion, and our subconscious thoughts. He seamlessly fuses these discussions into the stories and puts the reader in the main character's shoes. He makes you wonder how you might react if you were a painter who just had a telepathic conversation with his new friends and a shaman or a man who has in-depth discussions with his dog. The stories are unique and have a smooth, rhythmic flow. Each one has a different cast and plotline. I loved reading this book and enjoyed learning about these existential topics." - Doreen Chombu

Book Chapters:

*Magical Forest
*Muse 1
*I am a Dream
*Muse 2
*A Man and His Dog
*Muse 3
*Still Life, Rose Red Roses
*Muse 4
*The Reborn

*Muse 5
*The Song of Trees
*Muse 6
*Where the Acorns Fall
*Muse 7
*Eulogy for a Friend
*Muse 8
*The Paintings

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