The XY Factor

The XY Factor

XY Factor

This is Jeff Layton's fifth book.

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

Adam and Eva—modern Eve have a romantic relationship. Adam and Eva are scientists, Adam is an Archaeologist/Archaeogenetic, and Eva is an Archaeologist. They meet on a dig and fall in love. Their relationship builds from dating to moving in together.

I mention magical realism. This story does talk about magic and what it takes to create magic—real magick through references to the quantum and, in physics, the wave function. Everything is energy; it’s the building block of all matter. Energy and matter can change forms but cannot be created or destroyed. So, a magician does not make something out of anything; they change the form of energy or matter into something else. We have all heard of the equation from Einstein, E = mc2. It's the world's most famous equation, but what does it mean? Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing.

X and Y represent multiple meanings and metaphors in this story. X and Y are variables used in mathematics. They are sex chromosomes, Yin Yang, and more. The A is for Adam, and the E is for Eve. The letter E could also relate to evolution as a timetable moves from 150,000 years ago to the present. You will find scientific, creative, reflective, metaphoric, and associative thinking in this story—a whole lot of thought going on. Don’t let the scientific narrative stop you. It moves along in the story. I use it to tell you how things are built and made, so it is believable. Otherwise, my story would be magical realism, one of my favorite genres. Gabriel García Márquez was my favorite author when I got out of the military and started college on the GI bill, and pursued my interests in literature and horticulture.

I also weave religious elements into the story; I must if I’m talking about Adam and Eve and genesis and relate them to modern scientific, spiritual, and plausible explanations. When I say modern and plausible, I mean no disrespect, but the language has changed, and our thoughts and consciousness have with it from a story written in the 8th century B.C. If an asteroid or meteor streaked overhead in the sky, or a tidal wave struck a shoreline in the 8th century B.C. The event and its description would be told entirely different than today.

Pages: 163

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Chapter 8, The Big Picture

Buddha's middle way is the only way to avoid the wrath of duality. Seek the middle way. Don't be fully at peace or war, don't be angry or submissive. Center oneself or society in the middle and see the extremes and what they can lead to.
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Chapter 2, Evolution

Evolution comes from the Latin word evolutio- The act of unrolling or opening a book. So here is proof that you are evolving. I need to talk about evolution as it is part of the building blocks of how the story and I got to this point. Suppose I talk about Adam and Eve, time, consciousness, and the fate of the world and humanity...
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Chapter 5, Chemical Romance

Adam is at Eva's small one-room apartment in Torrance, California, a Los Angeles suburb. All Adam and Eva need is a bed and water. They have discovered sexual love, and their bodies have responded. There is something extra special with their love chemistry, but being new to this experience, they feel like they are the first to discover this hormonal rush. The neurotransmitter dopamine feels so good...
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Chapter 15, Warning Bells

Three days after the beach fire, Adam gets a text from Ken that alarm bells are going off on the XY factor screens. The planet is red. The XY Suicide gene model is sharply on the rise. The extinction model displays a red planet.

Book Chapters:

Chapter 1, X and Y Genesis
Chapter 2, Evolution
Chapter 3, Adam and Eva
Chapter 4, Adam Has a Theory
Chapter 5, Chemical Romance
Chapter 6, AE Genesis Gene,
XY Factor LLC
Chapter 7, Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 8, The Big Picture
Chapter 9, A.I. Findings
Chapter 10, Findings
Chapter 11, DNA
Chapter 12, More Findings
Chapter 13, Lab Confirmation
Chapter 14, Finding the Others
Chapter 15, Warning Bells
Chapter 16, Iceland
Chapter 17, Fruit

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