Musing 5

This paragraph is from my new soon to be published book: Seven.

Asking the question is an ongoing question that ripples across the lips of seers, seekers, philosophers, poets, saints, and a rabbit crossing the road. What is the meaning of life? It is the blinking cursor in the mind, tongue, and computer screen whose user ponders thoughts at the keyboard. The question is asked and has been shouted out since time immemorial. Echoes of the question come back with the question repeating itself. It is a poignant point and an ongoing, unfolding, conscious question that self-defies and mystifies itself. The purpose and meaning continually begin to be answered but promptly unravel back into its premise - what is the meaning of life? The meaning is the question."

Musing 4

The title is Seven.

This paragraph is the: The Spinning Ape.

"Because consciousness and the brain are separate. The brain is the receiver, the computer, waiting to receive or tune into consciousness. It waits for the software, stimuli, or consciousness to tell it what to do. Consciousness is software. It is immense and beyond what any computer can handle. Humans and primates intuitively know and feel that there is more to sense, see, and understand than what their brains are wired to receive. Spinning around creates dizziness, and the brain receiver gets out of balance and confused. When the brain tries to regain control and clarity, it focuses on the genetically programmed channels and dimensions it was physically grown for. It often temporarily tunes into the wrong signal and dimension; when that happens, our brains expand for a very short moment. The brain expansion feels good, and often the brain lets us see new phenomena for a short glimpse of our expanding reality. The spinning is like a psychedelic drug, but it is just manual stimulation. Pay attention, remember, and see children spinning around. They do it because it feels weird in a fun way, but the spinning is part of the brain's evolution."

I have a wow feeling in my brain that is so cool and interesting. I stop and ponder for a second, then I think, are psychedelics adult playground food to replace our childhood spinning?

Musing 3

I surrendered to the moment. This is how I would spend my concert experience, listening to the music but mostly checking out the people. I was soaking in the mindset. There were people that were totally vegging-blitzed. Other people, a minority, were serious and very straight-thinking. The majority were master air-playing guitarists, dancers, performers, listeners, and cosmonauts. I'm talking about cosmonauts of inner space with enhanced psychedelic drug consciousness. I had entered a Zen state of mind with the second-hand Mary Jane Ganga atmosphere, combined with my earlier getting lost in concert stress and then the sudden surrendering to the moment. I now had a very quiet non-judgmental mind. My eyes were portals to the great mystery that surrounded me. People letting go by the tens of thousands in acoustic sound propagation music waves that synchronized a unique group overlord mindset. It was fun, and it was bizarre.

The fascinating thing was walking around with mindful eyes that would synchronize with the psychonauts. I could spot them even when they showed no outward signs of being high. It was a conscious wave state. It was I can see you, and you can see me. It was a smile, a wink, a hello, brother, and sister from a different mother. It was a quantum wave mind groove.

Musing 2

The number seven appeared out of the ethers, the ashes, the cluttered and fragmented notions of nothingness in my mind. It all started with a quiet, slow, simmering, subtle thought that materialized in my frontal lobe in a big 7.

Musing 1

Now it is my turn. I hear the beating drums. I hear the guiding words leading me into the meditation. I start to see scenes. The first one is of the two shamans. They are whispering in my ears. I am told that the ground I am on is very sacred. I feel like my body is being lifted off the ground into a spiraling upward vortex. I'm flowing like mindful energy and rising into a still space without boundaries and dimensions. My physical body lies on the tent floor, but my attention is upright in the nowhere dimensionless space. I wait; stillness abounds. I wait longer. A realization comes to me. There is no waiting here, as there is no time here. Ten or more generations of people could have lived and died, but it feels like no time here. If I were asked how long a thousand years felt like in this place, my answer would be a second.

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