The Subjective Time Traveler

The Subjective Time Traveler

The Subjective Time Traveler

This is Jeff Layton's sixth book.

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

A short novel about Time Travel: you will meet three-time travelers as they venture through the past, present, and future. These travelers from three different time epochs don’t use a time machine. They are subjective time travelers, and Lee Boswell, who becomes Chrono, is taught how to do this after he goes through a gene therapy treatment that allows his brain to shift and dial in time periods in the past, present, or future.

The science behind this and consciousness itself is revealed consistently through the narrative. Preconceived notions of what time is in regard to the past and the future and time travel are brought into a new light of reasoning.

(4-12-2023) [Following is an official review of "The Subjective Time Traveler" by Jeff Layton.]

Have you ever wished you had a time machine? Would you go back and prevent past mistakes and wars? Or would you seek a ringside seat at key historical events? And what would your time machine look like?

The eponymous time machine in H.G. Wells' novel had dials and a seat and physically disappeared when it traveled in time. In Jeff Layton's novel The Subjective Time Traveler, however, all that's required is a human mind modified to traverse the fourth dimension.

In this work that I'd consider speculative fiction, Layton introduces himself as the channeling writer for the protagonist, Chrono. He embarks on his time travels after manifesting a master, a shaman named Kyodi, in a lucid dream.

Chrono's first time trip is to the ceremony where Kyodi's consciousness leaves his body. He feels the frozen tundra underfoot as he walks to a hut: the scene is rich in sensual details, exemplifying the vivid descriptions that are one of the most enjoyable aspects of this book. Another was the range of history and culture that it covered. It includes a long list of dates at one point, but the channeling writer reassures readers they need not be put off by this, and he pauses on events that left a noticeable mark on the space-time continuum.

Some of these were connected with key religious figures. This book's spiritual content was inspiring, and its insights into the subjectivity of reality can support mental wellness and healing. In explaining the scientific basis for time travel using Einstein's theories, the channeling writer packed an amazing volume of ideas into a concise work.

Don't we know that time travel will never be invented because if it had been, we'd have met time travelers already? In outlining the rules of subjective time travel, Layton shows why this is not necessarily the case. I'd encourage you to read this book to find out more. The system was partly based on the laws of karma; I was slightly missing a full explanation of those. Rather, the author seemed to assume a thorough knowledge of the Buddhist understanding of karma that some readers may not have.

In that connection, including a slightly more detailed explanation of that point could improve this book. Otherwise, its detailed descriptions and awe-inspiring insights into science, philosophy, and ontology were impressive. This book merits a very good rating because it was vivid, mind-expanding, clear, and easy to follow. Overall, this is a highly recommended work of speculative fiction. If you've ever wondered about the mechanics of time travel or how paradox can be prevented, this will help provide answers. No machine with dials is required - this is a subjective trip for the mind.

Pages: 128

Reading is the theater of our minds. The curtain is opening.

1 / 5

In Chapter 1

I don't have a time machine. I don't jump back and forth in time with a device. Why? Time is an illusion. It is subjective. I'm not talking about my feelings and how they relate to the subject of time.
2 / 3

In Chapter 2

When you become a Time Traveler like I am, consciousness is in the now and is unfolding and discovering itself in one timeless moment. Consciousness is forever and never. Words fail here.
3 / 4

In Chapter 8

I jumped back to 1554. I wanted to meet a French writer about to publish his first book, Centuries, in 1555. He was and is a very intelligent man who studied and was well-versed in French astrology, an apothecary, a physician, and a reputed seer. I was drawn to seeking him out for many reasons. One is that he may be a time traveler. His name was Nostradame, and he became the Latin Nostradamus. You may have heard of him. Chrono Laughs.
4 / 5

In Chapter 10

Wherever I was, I would see her. An aha flashed in my mind. A time traveler. I gave thought as to how I could find a place in time to meet this woman. I decided on 1773, The Boston Tea Party.
5 / 5

Chapter 16,Mount Everest

Chrono feels the seriousness and the extreme cold of the moment. Low oxygen starves his brain, and his vision suddenly shifts from that joyous moment for Hillary and Norgay.

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Book Chapters:

*Chapter 1, The Subjective Time Traveler
*Chapter 2, *How it Began - My Kyodi Introduction
*Chapter 3, The Journey
*Chapter 4, Operation and Science
*Chapter 5, *Chrono First Time Travels Finds Kyodi
*Chapter 6, Past Loves
*Chapter 7, Historic Moment
*Chapter 8, Fortune Teller (Nostradamus)
*Chapter 9, Future
*Chapter 10, I meet Time Traveler Flora MacDee
*Chapter 11,
*Friendship, Kinship, and Romance Begin *Chapter 12, Mount Everest
*Chrono's Epilogue

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