Chapter 8, Fortune Teller

From the Subjective Time Traveler

Note by Jeff Layton, the channeling writer. I was formatting this book for publication when I received a strong mental note to add this chapter and move the one already written to the next chapter, number 9, Future. This inescapable note to me by Chrono sticks out or is highly unusual.

“I’ve already read your book. Interesting how you compiled my thoughts. A good read. It is short and shouldn’t put the reader to sleep, which would make this endeavor a misstep. But it is a little too short. I know people aren’t reading like the previous periods in your timeline—too many distractions from modulating microchip cellphones and devices. Please add this to the read.” – Chrono.

I jumped back to 1554. I wanted to meet a French writer about to publish his first book, Centuries, in 1555. He was and is a brilliant man who studied and was well-versed in French astrology, an apothecary, a physician, and a reputed seer. I was drawn to seeking him out for many reasons. One is that he may be a time traveler. His name was Nostradame, and he became the Latin Nostradamus. You may have heard of him. (Lots of laughter is channeled).

Nostradamus, who was no stranger to psychic realms. After losing his wife and two children to the plague, a few years later, being charged by the church with heresy about his remarks about a religious statue. He left France and traveled and attended ancient esoteric mystery schools, where he experienced a psychic awakening. So, it wasn’t a life-ending surprise when I materialized out of thin air and introduced myself as Chrono, a subjective time traveler. I especially enjoyed this on many different levels. One was that I knew I had the freedom to do this—I wouldn’t be changing anything in time, and Nostradamus would be used to seeing the unexpected. The other reason was meeting Nostradamus; who wouldn’t want to pull up a chair and converse with him?

Nostradamus is in his attic proofreading his book Centuries, which was cleverly divided into ten prophetic verses named Centuries. He did this using the power of numerology—numbers have power. He wrote using quatrains—rhymed four-line verses. He did this to avoid being persecuted by the church. I observed him for a good while in transparent consciousness. My mind’s eye is there, but I’m not there physically. I waited for the right moment. I interjected subtle thoughts into his frontal lobe. Nostradamus, being an initiate, is attentive to suggestive thoughts. I will now introduce myself.

“Michel, Michel, hear my voice. I’m more than a voice. I’m a traveler in time from your future. I am here now in your attic. I am a peaceful man. I cannot or will not harm you in any way. I come for conversation as I believe I have seen you in very subtle ways seeing into time. Take a moment; feel my energy. Say safe, and I will materialize when you feel safe, and we can have a good conversation.”

A moment goes by, a few ticks from the spring-driven clock. Nostradamus says, “safe.” I materialize, sitting in a chair off to the side of his desk. I chose to do this and appear sitting so my presence wouldn’t be overly shocking. Nostradamus smiles. I say, “Michel de Nostredame, Nostradamus, je suis Chrono. Je suis un voyageur temporel subjectif né au XXIe siècle.” (Michel de Nostredame, Nostradamus, I am Chrono. I am a subjective time traveler born in the twenty-first century.)

Nostradamus says, “Seigneur Dieu, protège-moi du mal; si Chrono est bon, laissez-le parler.” (Lord God, protect me from evil; if Chrono is good, let him speak the word.) Chrono smiles and says, “liberté.”

Nostradamus smiles and nods. “Greetings Chrono, you are a man like me and not a spirit?”

“That is correct, I am a man from your future, and I travel in time subjectively. Do you know this word?”

“Subjectively, H’m in French subjectivement –subject, character of knowledge?” Chrono, “Yes, but in this case— dependent on the mind for existence, subjectively applying meaning to objects and events. Time is not objective, not an absolute object. It is an illusion in that it isn't moving on a line. Time is one moment unfolding into space. It is subjective as we perceive it and give it labels like past, present, and future.” Nostradamus, “I will need to ponder that thought. I see events in the future; are they not real?”

“I know this sounds unfounded, mysterious, and difficult to comprehend. It does, even for people from the twenty-first century. As far as your seeing into the forward timeline— the future, and the subjective way you frame—write your predictions. I will say this to you from the forward timeline. Many of your predictions come true, and you are famous for doing so. This is how I know of you.”

Chrono, “You are fascinating to listen to. I have no one like this to speak with. Since I haven’t published my works, what things have come true to fruition?” “Nostradamus, I must tell you first, as a time traveler, that there are things I dare not tell people of the past as they can influence and even change events in the future yet to unfold. Just like my being here, it must never be spoken about. Your writings haven’t had that much effect in doing that, as they aren’t understood until after the event has happened. I will tell you the few I know to have come true. I won’t tell you the century, so it is difficult for you to connect what I’m saying to your quatrains. Here they are the ones that I know of: The death of Henry II, the great fire of London, the coming of Adolf Hitler, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, and the Kennedy assassination.”

“So, my predictions are real?”

“Yes, a lot of them. You know that as you yourself have seen them in your subjective time travel visions looking forward. I know that you have visioned traveled through time as I have seen glancing traces of your mind rippling through the time wave. Time travelers stand out and can be seen by other time travelers.

“Are there lots of time travelers?”

“No, I only know of a few, but there are more, and in the very far-off future, there are many more.”

“So, I am a time traveler, not a seer?”

“You are seeing events that can happen in the future. I would say you are both, but not a full fledge traveler as you can only see and move forward. You don’t see or experience the past. Also, you only see, not experience, in the flesh.”

Nostradamus, “How do you do this actual move in time?”

“Once you have finished writing and before your death, I will come and teach you if you want, and you then can travel through time and escape death until your choosing. How does this work? You don’t actually move through time. All time is one moment, and you fold the time moment around you. You never move. I will teach you how to do this when and if the moment is right.”

Nostradamus, “I try through meditation, herbs, and the power of water to become an Oracle. I struggle, but I do slip into a space that allows me to see these things. Are any of these used in your teaching?”

“Only meditation. Meditation is the mind, and the mind is consciousness, and consciousness is everything. I didn’t learn how to do this on my own. I had a teacher I sought using similar methods to you. My teacher can help you also. A procedure will take place to help your head; your mind folds itself around time. Think of it like using a radio tuning in a station, and that station is found at 432 Hz. Sorry forgot you don’t know what a radio is yet.”

“Is it a box with voices and music coming out of it?”

“Yes, you have seen a lot. The radio isn’t magic; it uses electromagnetic waves, like invisible sound waves traveling through the air. A dial, the receiver finds—tunes in a frequency wave and converts them to vibrations. The procedure I’m discussing allows your mind to tune in to different time periods using meditative focus.”

Nostradamus, “Yes, please teach me. I once studied to be a doctor, but with tragedy and grief in my life, I sought out the occult for answers. I am willing to go into the unknown. I am grateful for your introduction. One thing, how long do I live, and why can’t we do this now?”

“I can’t tell you how long you will live. I can tell you that you will predict your death. I can’t tell you about many things because of the law of Karma. What you say as an oracle can influence and change future events. You will need to repay the energy for this, not in a demonic way, but you will get stuck in your evolutionary journey to the godhead. Trust me, better not to interfere with Karma. We don’t know enough to act like God. Why not now? For this Karmic reason. It will be now for me. If you want this, say yes, and I will meet you in the future in one second from my time now, months before you die. You will become a time traveler. You will make your death prediction. I will slow your heart down into a coma-like death. We’ll fake your death, and you will be free to travel time for as long as you like.”

Nostradamus, “Yes.”

“Nostradamus, this is Chrono; I have entered your dream meditation. The time is now to begin your journey to be a time traveler. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I have waited long but never doubted your pledge.”

“Nostradamus, allow me to have control of your dream state, and I will introduce you to my benefactor teacher, Kyodi. Together will give you a glance at man’s historical and future timeline, then prepare you for your procedure. You will have control by saying yes or no.”


Kyodi appears before Nostradamus in his altered conscious dream state. “Nostradamus, I am Kyodi. I am ancient, and I am now. I know of your writings as they have put ripples in this universe’s timeline. I know that Chrono has talked to you about Karma. Please remember that.”

Nostradamus, “I will remember that. Thank you for allowing me to be an apprentice.” “You are welcome. I am here to do two things. One is to take you on a visual ride of your life. See things beyond your imagination. This is the reward for time traveling. Second, after this dream, I will send a man to take you to see a Docteur en Pharmacie. This apothecary, Antoine Augustin, will perform a procedure while in a trance. A doctor will guide him in the future through this procedure. This is the same procedure that Chrono went through. It will be painless but enhance your capabilities to fold time around your focused thought. Chrono will be there also in physical form. Do you have any questions?” “Yes, but no. I am an old man. I have seen many things. If this allows me to see more before I die, I am very willing and grateful to do this. My only question is that of my soul.”

Kyodi smiles, “Your soul is on its journey. Remember what I said about Karma. Time Travelers do no harm to a person’s or soul’s journey through life. I will say this just for you. We are servants to God.”

“Yes, I am ready to begin.”

Nostradamus’s frontal lobe goes dark, and then a swirling kaleidoscope with streaks of colors bends and twists in his mind’s eye. Occasionally photographic-type images are seen as they move to the sides and disappear. The images get older and older looking, giving the impression that time is flowing backward…

Chrono gets an impulse to check in on Michele to see how he is doing now that he is a time traveler and has left his old life behind. He senses; he knows where Nostradamus has ventured to. Michele was a religious truth seeker. Chrono focused on the spot outside Jerusalem, Golgotha (the place of the skull).

Chrono appears in Golgotha and sees Nostradamus walking up the steep mound to witness the crucifixion. There are three crosses and three men strapped to wooden crosses. One is nailed. The sun is at high noon, and the men have been there since middle morning. Chrono knows that in three hours, the men will die. He watches Michele, keeping an eye on him to ensure he only witnesses this historic event. He feels the weight of this very important point in time. It is barbaric, three men on crosses. Chrono also knows that Nostradamus will have mentally noted the number three. In numerology: birth-life-death, mind-body-soul, father-son-holy ghost.

Over the next three hours, Chrono walks up and down the mound so as not to be suspicious. Just past the middle afternoon, Chrono is walking back up the mound. He is almost behind Nostradamus. Two of the three men have perished. The last man Chrono knows is Jesus, who looks up and out over the world and says loudly, “Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit. It is finished.” The moment is intense, earth-shakingly powerful. Chrono is mentally, spiritually, and now physically moving. Suddenly the ground is shaking with an earthquake.

Chrono sits right next to Nostradamus, sitting cross-legged. He looks over and sees Michele’s face. Tears are running down his face. They sit there in eerie silence. Michele looks over and acknowledges Chrono’s presence. Chrono says, “I knew you would seek this out.”

Nostradamus, “Yes, I had to. I should have never doubted it. It is the saddest and most wonderful thing I have ever witnessed.”

“Yes, sometimes events in time are almost too big to witness. Especially as a time traveler knowing the before, moment now, and after story. But be still and know that our witnessing is not just for us. It is a reflection from the small eye to the big eye.”

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